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‘World’s First’ cybersecurity solution for DNS protection launched

Written by Mon 31 Oct 2022

The ‘world’s first’ cybersecurity technology designed to protect the Domain Name System (DNS) layer has been launched.

The Global Chain of Trust (GCOT) was created to be the ‘first line of defence for the Internet’. The GCOT will work side by side with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to secure the Internet for a reliable and safe use.

The solution was born out of cybersecurity issues where cyberattacks are rising and damages are expected to cost the world $10.5 trillion per year by 2025. Alarming statistics also show that risk of detection for perpetrators is as low as 0.05% in the United States alone.

“GCOT will create a cleaner, safer, faster, and resilient cyberspace that will provide benefits not only to SMEs and Large Enterprises, but most importantly to the most vulnerable sector in our society, the individual, home users, and the children,” said Angel Redoble, Group Chief Information Security Officer at PLDT Group & Smart Communications.

Mr. Redoble, creator of the GCOT and Founding President of the Philippine Institute of Cyber Security Professionals, believes that by using a more secure DNS infrastructure, the cybersecurity solution will address major Internet outages when current infrastructures and communication process are compromised.

DNS is a pillar in the foundation of the Internet, matching names of websites that people search with corresponding IP addresses. However, there are many illegitimate websites that exist to scam many vulnerable individuals and unsuspecting businesses.

Through partnerships with telecoms and government services, the GCOT aims to safeguard the Internet by verifying the legitimacy of websites, make security services more affordable, and enable ISPs with the ability to protect their infrastructure.

Written by Mon 31 Oct 2022

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