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coolDC opens first data centre in Lincoln

Written by Tue 3 Dec 2019

Photo Credit: LincolnLite

Lincoln-based startup uses groundbreaking cooling technology

coolDC has opened its award-winning data centre in Boole Technology Centre at Lincoln Science and Innovation Park.

Launched in 2017, coolDC designs hyper-efficient, environmentally-friendly data centres that use renewable energy and convert surplus heat into energy.

In June, the company received a Gold-level Certified Energy Efficient Datacentre Award (CEEDA) for the design and operation stages of the Lincoln site, a certification program that recognises the implementation of energy efficiency practices in data centres. Just two facilities have received a Gold-level from CEEDA for both stages to date.

coolDC’s site recovers surplus heat to provide energy for subsequent cooling cycles and diverts it into low-cost district heat grid for use in local buildings, such as hospitals, university halls of residence or social housing. Its space-saving design saves up to ten-fold in physical space compared to traditional cooling systems.

The Lincoln-based site is one of many waste heat reuse projects globally, which include Yandex’s data centre in Mäntsälä, Finland, Telia’s 24MW facility near Helsinki, Finland, Bahnhof in Sweden and Digiplex in Oslo.

Speaking to LincolnLite (photo credit), Tim Chambers, CEO at coolDC, said the company has responded to concerns about the environmental impact of the data centre industry.

“What’s great is that we’ve been able to build in a science park in a shared building where our neighbours are ideal clients. Although the building was not originally built for this purpose, because our design and space are both flexible, we have been able to build a facility that is hidden in plain sight but without impacting on the other tenants.”

Written by Tue 3 Dec 2019


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