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Compass data centres launches white space as-a-service

Written by Fri 29 Apr 2022

American company Compass Data Centres has launched a new product, Compass Quantum, which it describes as ‘white space as-a-service.’


The Compass Quantum offering is at heart a modular data centre – but because it is offered as-a-service, it means that instead of a capital expense it counts as an operating expense, which can be spread over 7-10 years, providing a financial advantage for customers. Additionally, when the initial service contract is over, customers will be offered the option to purchase the modular data centre outright.

If the customer elects not to purchase the data centre on completion of the as-a-service contract, Compass will be responsible for refurbishing and relocating the data centre.

Tony Grayson, General Manager of Compass Data Centres, said in the company’s announcement of the new offering, “I think customers who develop their own requirements based on their own product and what they really want is the ability to add capacity when and wherever they need it without having to disrupt their own operations, add existing headcount, or beg their board for more capital to be able to deliver it.

“This capacity could be down the street, in their parking lot, in the next city over, or even in the outback of Australia. It shouldn’t matter. Since we in the data center industry like our own terms, I’m calling this idea of easy, anywhere, sustainable deployments, white space as a service.”

Each Compass Quantum data centre offers 100kW capacity in a 2N redundant configuration offering space for up to twelve full-sized racks, plus power and cooling. Multiple units can be deployed in conjunction with one another at the outset, or added later to accommodate growth.

Compass Quantum modular data centres can be deployed within four months anywhere in the world, according to the company. Businesses wishing to outsource additional data centre services can take advantage of Compass Quantum’s additional services, which will include site selection, zoning and permits, construction, and ongoing maintenance and operations.

Written by Fri 29 Apr 2022


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