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Colt DCS launches 27MW hyperscale data centre in Japan

Written by Tue 10 Nov 2020

Inzai 3 is data centre operator’s largest in Japan

UK-based data centre operator Colt DCS has launched a third hyperscale data centre at its Inzai campus in Japan, 30 kilometres outside of Toyko, to meet increased cloud demand in the Japanese market.

With 27MW of IT power, Inzai 3 is the operator’s largest data centre in Japan and 90 percent of its total capacity has already been pre-let, Colt DCS said.

Per customer demand, the data centre features larger data halls than the campus’ existing carrier neutral facilities. Inzai 3’s data halls are 1,000sqm each, which Colt DCS said optimised space efficiency and enabled higher density compute, at an average of 3.375kW per sqm.

Between the three facilities, a total of 50MW of IT power is now available at the Inzai campus. Inzai 1, launched in 2011, has 8.4MW of capacity while Inzai 2, which opened 3 years ago, has 15MW of available power.

Japan is a country prone to seismic activity. Like Inzai 2, Inzai 3 was built using construction techniques which allow it to move as one rather than sway, nullifying the impact of seismic shifts.

“The demand we are seeing within the Japanese market is unlike ever before,” said Hiroshige Sugihara, Head of APAC, Colt DCS.

“Hyperscale, and the scalability and agility it provides, will be essential to foster such widescale growth and we are thrilled to be supporting businesses and Cloud Service Providers in the region with the services they require.”

Despite Covid-19 stay-at-home restrictions, Quy Nguyen, VP Global Accounts & Solutions at Colt DCS said the company managed to deliver the facility in a “responsible manner”.

“By completing the site in a safe and timely manner, despite the pandemic disruptions of the last nine months, we are delighted to not only have delivered on our promise to clients, but to our employees and partners as well.”

“We fully expect that demand for our high-quality hyperscale facilities will continue to grow in the Japanese market on the strength of our best-in-class operations and design and delivery expertise.”

Colt Data Centre Services, headquartered in London UK, has been providing large scale data centres and colocation services for more than 15 years. The company operates over 24 carrier-neutral data centres across Europe and Asia and serves over 1000 customers.

Written by Tue 10 Nov 2020


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