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Clean energy company Aira to help one million British homes move away from gas

Written by Thu 30 Nov 2023

Swedish clean energy-tech company, Aira, has announced it will help one million UK customers switch from gas boilers to a clean-tech solution over the next decade.

Aira said it will invest £300 million ($380 million) in the next three years to accelerate decarbonisation. The energy company will reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions to the equivalent of taking two million cars off the nation’s roads.

“Heat pumps … are four times more energy efficient than gas boilers and will help people reduce their heating bills by 25%. The Government has confirmed that over 90% of UK homes are suitable for a heat pump,” said Daniel Särefjord, CEO at Aira UK.

Aira said the UK still relies on 25 million fossil fuel boilers to heat homes, which account for 16% of the nation’s CO2 emissions.

“The UK is a crucial market to decarbonise, being one of Europe’s most populated countries and with the lowest heat pump penetration rate of just 1%,” said Martin Lewerth, CEO at Aira Group.

Aira stressed that by switching to an air source heat pump, users can cut CO2 emissions by 75%.

“Families should not have to choose between cutting costs and cutting emissions,” said Claire Coutinho, Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero.

The announcement aligned with the company’s broader goal to provide affordable clean energy-tech solutions to five million households in Europe, aiming to transition away from gas usage.

Aira’s commitment is part of a £29.5 billion ($37.2 billion) investment in the UK’s tech, life sciences, and renewable energy sectors announced this week.

Since its global launch in June 2023, Aira has acquired Sheffield-based renewable energy specialist, All Seasons Energy, and utilised their local expertise and knowledge.

Aira revealed that it will also invest in two Aira Academies to accelerate rapid growth. These academies will be located in London and Yorkshire and will train thousands of Clean Energy Experts.

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Written by Thu 30 Nov 2023

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