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Citeline, Norstella Merge to Form $5bn Pharma Tech Company

Written by Tue 1 Nov 2022

Norstella and Citeline have completed a $5 billion merger to form one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical intelligence solutions providers.

More than 1,600 employees make up Norstella’s five brands: Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo, The Dedham Group, and now Citeline.

“We believe that patient access starts with identifying unmet needs and doesn’t end until a patient has a therapy in hand,” said Mike Gallup, CEO of Norstella.

Norstella is a global provider of end-to-end solutions that provides life-saving therapies to patients.

“As the industry moves toward highly targeted therapies focused on smaller patient populations, our clients need solutions that provide actionable answers to critical business questions to help bring drugs to market quicker—ultimately helping patients receive treatment sooner,” added Gallup.

As is the case for many industries in the age of big data, pharmaceutical manufacturers are overwhelmed with data and inundated with questions around applying real-world data.

“This union is an opportunity for both Citeline and Norstella to advance their shared mission of making therapies available to the patients who need them,” said Jay Nadler, Executive Chair of Norstella.

With this merger, pharma stakeholders will be able to ingest data to identify unmet clinical needs at early stages, identify eligible patients for clinical trials, and quickly answer key questions related to the patient journey, payer reimbursement, and the safety and efficacy of therapeutics.

“We feel an urgency to make an impact, and we believe that we can bring innovation that will change patients’ lives,” said Ramsey Hashem, CEO of Citeline.

The companies aim to create a healthcare marketplace that is more innovative and accessible for all.

Written by Tue 1 Nov 2022

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