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China sets high investment goals for big data

Written by Mon 25 Apr 2022

In a recent press conference, the deputy director of China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Sun Wei, announced a major 20% increase in the investment in big data centres until 2025.


The total investment over this period is set to exceed $470 billion, with plans to build 10 national data centres. As part of this investment boost, a focus has been placed on expanding the digital infrastructure in less developed parts of China, resulting in the new data centres being built across the country.

Viewed as a vital companion to the new physical IT infrastructure being built across China, these data centres are seen as essential to supporting China’s plans for digital transformation.

“The development of big data centres will drive the investment in upstream and downstream industries such as the research, development and manufacturing of information technologies (and related products), telecom networks and energy,” China Daily reports Sun, telling a news conference in Beijing.

This funding illustrates the value Chinese leaders place on developing big data capabilities and shows how far the country has advanced in this area since officially launching their big data strategy in 2014.

“That also will drive the digital transformation and upgrading of the economy and society, promote the smooth flow and application of data and further boost the growth of China’s digital economy,” said Sun at the press conference.

Unlike in other nations, China’s State Council called in 2015 for the creation of databases on a range of citizen data, including population, corporations, natural resources and medical information.

This comprehensive form of database would help train AI technologies on very large data sets, that will benefit China’s big data sector going forward and potentially become more advanced over other nations big data strategies.

Written by Mon 25 Apr 2022


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