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US accelerated curb on AI chips to China, says NVIDIA

US export restrictions curbing the sale of high-end artificial intelligence chips to China came into effect on 23 October, according to NVIDIA. Implementation of these restrictions was said to be expedited, as regulators advanced the deadline. Chip companies anticipated the US Commerce Department’s new restrictions, which were set to take effect on 16 November, 30… Read More

European Commission questions if Microsoft and Apple should be subject to Digital Markets Act

The European Commission has asked users and rivals of Microsoft and Apple whether its services should be subject to the Digital Markets Act (DMA). People familiar with the matter told Reuters that the EU antitrust regulator sent a questionnaire to rate the importance of Microsoft’s Bing, Edge and Advertising services, as well as Apple’s iMessage…. Read More

Downing Street considers creating AI Safety Institute

Downing Street officials have considered the creation of an AI Safety Institute, with a focus on enabling national security-related scrutiny of frontier artificial intelligence (AI) models.  The proposed institute is expected to be a topic on the draft agenda for the AI Safety Summit, where global leaders will gather to collaborate on AI development.   Advisers… Read More

UK Parliament passes Online Safety Bill, ready to become law

The Online Safety Bill has passed its final Parliamentary debate on its journey to becoming an official law. This milestone brings the Government closer to implementing robust child protection laws, while empowering adults to take control of their online lives and safeguarding mental health. The Bill adopts a zero-tolerance stance to protecting children and holds… Read More

UK strikes new deal to rejoin Horizon Europe after Brexit tensions

The UK is set to rejoin Horizon Europe, the world’s largest research collaboration programme, after two years without access due to Brexit-related tensions. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said it is the ‘right deal’ for British taxpayers whilst unlocking ‘unparalleled research opportunities’ within the £82 billion (€95.5 billion) programme. Rejoining Horizon Europe: A New Dawn… Read More

UK Government launches new £50m Research Ventures Catalyst fund

The UK Government has launched a £50 million ($64.9 million) fund to turbocharge the country as a tech superpower. The Research Ventures Catalyst fund will be based on partnerships with private and philanthropic investors to drive new innovations in health, tech and science. Investors include Eric Schmidt, the former Chief Executive Officer of Google, as… Read More

Billions in foreign investment fosters job growth in UK tech

Tens of thousands of new jobs in the UK will be created as a result of significant foreign investment, according to new government data. The Department of Business and Trade’s Inward Investment Results for 2022-2023 revealed that more than 1,600 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects are set to generate approximately 80,000 jobs in various regions… Read More

UK Government’s AI White Paper sparks mixed reactions

The UK government recently introduced its pro-innovation White Paper on AI Regulation. This White Paper, spearheaded by the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, Michelle Donelan MP, has sparked mixed reactions from various stakeholders. The White Paper outlines five key principles for AI: Safety, security, robustness; Appropriate transparency and explainability; Fairness; Accountability and… Read More

UK semiconductor industry to get £1 billion boost in plan to reduce reliance on China

The semiconductor industry in the UK will receive £1 billion in investment over the next decade, as ministers look to ensure the country is not reliant on China for technology advancements. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the funding, forming part of the UK semiconductor strategy, would ‘build our competitive edge on the global stage’. The… Read More

TikTok to be removed from work phones in UK Government ban

In response to security threats, public servants have been advised to avoid using TikTok on work devices, leading to a ban of the app on official UK Government phones. Security Concerns Lead to Precautionary Measures The app is to be removed from work phones used by workers at State agencies and Government departments in a… Read More

Chancellor Scholz celebrates Germany-India digitalisation partnership

The Federal Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, celebrated the Germany-India digitalisation partnership during a visit to SAP Labs in Bengaluru, India. Germany is the largest trade partner of India in the European Union and ninth largest investor. The two countries have made collaboration agreements on artificial intelligence, clean energy, smart cities, startups, and Industry 4.0…. Read More

Non-profit Tech Nation to close after losing UK government grant
The non-profit startup accelerator, Tech Nation, has announced it will cease all operations following the termination of its core government grant funding. The non-profit revealed in a statement that the UK's Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) awarded funding to a programme run by Barclays Bank Eagle Labs. "By delivering services and insights... Read More