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Chancellor Scholz celebrates Germany-India digitalisation partnership

The Federal Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, celebrated the Germany-India digitalisation partnership during a visit to SAP Labs in Bengaluru, India. Germany is the largest trade partner of India in the European Union and ninth largest investor. The two countries have made collaboration agreements on artificial intelligence, clean energy, smart cities, startups, and Industry 4.0…. Read More

Non-profit Tech Nation to close after losing UK government grant
The non-profit startup accelerator, Tech Nation, has announced it will cease all operations following the termination of its core government grant funding. The non-profit revealed in a statement that the UK's Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) awarded funding to a programme run by Barclays Bank Eagle Labs. "By delivering services and insights... Read More

Ukraine and UK announce digital trade deal
In a bid to support the Ukrainian economy, the UK government has recently agreed a new Digital Trade Agreement (DTA) in principle with Ukraine. Building on the existing UK-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement, which cut all tariffs on goods from Ukraine to zero, the DTA is expected to give a boost to Ukraine’s IT industry. While... Read More

UK MPs seeks support for country’s semiconductor sector

The UK Government needs to do more to ensure the viability of the nation’s semiconductor industry, according to a new report published by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee. A strategy on the UK’s semiconductor industry was supposed to be published but is late and not enough money is being spent by the UK… Read More

China chip imports fall 12.4% in midst of US tech trade war

Chip imports from China have dropped by more than 12% in September, due in part to chip shortages and intense trade tensions with the United States. New data from the Chinese Government revealed a total of 47.6 billion chip units were imported in September 2022, compared with 54.3 billion the same time last year, marking… Read More

Chinese regulator approves fund focusing on Korean chipmakers

China’s securities regulator has approved the first Chinese mutual fund that will target major Chinese and South Korean chipmakers. The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved Huatai-request PineBridge’s for regulatory approval on August 9, according to a representative of the Huatai-PineBridge Fund Management Co.

Italian court removes antitrust fine against Apple and Amazon

The Italian antitrust watchdog placed a €173.3 million fine against Apple and Amazon for alleged collusion last year, which an administrative court in the country has now scrapped. This penalty was originally set at €203 million but was reduced to €173.3 after the competition authority made an error in their calculations.

U.S. Supreme Court will hear challenge to social media protections

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge relating to the Section 230 provision in the 1996 Communications Decency Act that grants comprehensive legal protection to social media firms around user-generated content. Section 230 was created before the rise of social media firms and was intended to protect freedom of speech.

UK Home Office launches Scale-up visa for tech talent

It’s no secret that top-tier tech talent is hard to find, with skilled staff having a great deal of choice in selecting where they want to work. In a bid to attract skilled workers to the UK, the Home Office has announced the launch of a Scale-up visa for firms to sponsor valuable tech talent.

WhatsApp fined $267M for breaching GDPR rules

After an investigation, Ireland’s data watchdog, the Data Protection Commission, concluded that Facebook-owned WhatsApp fell foul of EU data privacy rules. Handing down a $267M fine, the watchdog said WhatsApp failed to inform European Union citizens enough about how the communications firm collected, used and shared their personal data. The investigation into WhatsApp started in… Read More

Portland’s Union Bank Tower to be repurposed as a data centre

The Union Bank Tower, located in downtown Portland, Oregon, has been put up for sale, and is being marketed as a prime facility for conversion to a data centre.

UK and US blame Russian intelligence service for SolarWinds cyber strike

“The SVR has put at risk the global technology supply chain by allowing malware to be installed on the machines of tens of thousands of SolarWinds’ customers.”