Latest Data Centre News

DCIM vulnerability leaves 20,000+ systems exposed

Cyble found problems with “multiple DCIM software, intelligent monitoring devices, thermal cooling management controls systems and rack power monitors vulnerable to cyberattacks.”

Singapore and Madrid are the fastest-moving data centre markets

Additionally, Spain has strong government support for renewable energy, promising to install 50 GW of renewables as part of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan. The government has also dedicated $720 million USD to develop AI solutions for use in Spanish data centres.

DataBank acquires Texas data centres

DataBank CEO Raul Martynek noted how the acquisition will expand DataBank’s services in Texas and across the nation. “ We are excited to add the Houston market to our DataBank portfolio. With our deep roots in Texas, it was a logical metro for us to expand into and allows us to bring out digital infrastructure and interconnection solutions to the fourth-largest metro in the U.S.”

Robots and the data centre

Bots – those little bits of code that complete digital tasks automatically – are everywhere, enabling everything from robotic process automation (RPA) to online spam. Robots – the mechanical task-completing, labour-saving automated workers – are being tested in both business and personal applications.

Data centre leasing boom 2022

The European data centre colocation market as a whole was valued at $12.81 billion USD in 2020, and is projected to grow at an average CAGR of 13.1% from 2021 to 2028. The top industries leasing European data centre space will include IT & Telecom, Healthcare, and Media.

Pros and cons of pre-integrated racks

Rack integration is the process of getting data centre equipment working once it arrives on site. This is often broken down into a five-step process: design, procurement, build, shipping and receiving, and programming.

M&A: an emerging strategy in the African data centre market

A company that builds a new facility from the ground up has the advantage of control: they can choose the design and apply specific solutions that have proven to be effective at other locations.

Samsung Q4 2021 profit soars 52% year-over-year

Samsung’s financial results signal that the global memory market is improving more quickly than anticipated.

VA provides data centres $124.5M USD in 2021 tax breaks

One of the problems with offering tax incentives to data centres is that the tax benefits are substantial and often ongoing for years or even decades – while the number of permanent jobs that are added to communities as a result can be quite small.

Partners Group acquires largest data centre company in Iceland

Partners Group has announced the acquisition of atNorth, the largest data centre company in Iceland.

AWS suffers three major outages in a single month

On Wednesday, December 22, Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced a power outage that affected services for enterprise clients such as Slack, Epic Games, and Imgur. Amazon blamed the interruption of service on a power issue in an East Coast data centre, affecting one Availability Zone in the region.

Schneider Electric Recognised as Vendor Champion in Canalys Channel Leadership Matrix EMEA For Third Year Running