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Debian developers vote to ‘not issue a statement’ on Richard Stallman’s return to FSF board

An open letter in support of Stallman now has more than 6400 signatures, with a competing open letter asking for the removal of Stallman from all leadership positions closed on April 1st with 3010 signatures.

Oracle refreshes cloud data warehouse to improve self-service data science

Oracle has announced a raft of updates to Autonomous Data Warehouse, the cloud data warehouse it launched in 2018.

The updates are designed to make tasks such as data loading, cleansing, business modeling, and machine learning, less technical and performable by data analysts and business users without the need of IT support

IBM and Moderna partner to make Covid-19 vaccine supply chain and distribution smarter

First on the to-do list is a pilot of a standardised approach to vaccine distribution that improves supply chain visibility and brings ‘near real-time’ tracking of vaccine administration at the individual batch level, as they travel from manufacturing facilities to administration sites.

OVHcloud details service restart following Strasbourg fire

“60 tech work on the site. Still lot of to do, but it’s going faster that expected. We keep the same ETA and maybe we will be faster,” tweeted CEO and founder Octave Klaba on Twitter.

Continued cloud adoption could eliminate 1bn tonnes of CO2 by 2024

The world’s ever-increasing reliance on energy-hungry data centres underpinning the cloud is the subject of much scrutiny and alarm. But analyst house IDC has checked this concern by quantifying the environmental benefit of workloads continuing to move to hyperscale mega-data centres compared to being kept on-premises in less efficient enterprise data centres.

Fire sends OVHcloud Strasbourg data centres up in flames

A fire has engulfed at least one OVHcloud data centre in, Strasbourg France prompting the cloud provider to urge customers to kickstart disaster recovery plans.

Capgemini secures £600m deal to run Met Police IT estate

Capgemini has been awarded a seven-year contract to run the Metropolitan Police’s IT infrastructure.

The French outsourcing and consultancy giant will handle the Met’s service desk and data centre infrastructure as well as providing network services, end-user services, a cybersecurity and security operations centre, mobile voice and data and managed print, states the contract award notice.

UK colo Amito nets £40m investment from Harwood Private Equity

UK-based colocation company Amito has secured a £38.7 million investment from Harwood Private Equity to help grow its business.

The data centre owner and operator, which owns a Tier 3 facility in Reading, said it will use the funds to support an “ambitious” expansion plan.

Cisco completes $4.5B acquisition of optical interconnect giant Acacia

Cisco has settled a legal dispute that threatened to jeopardise a planned multi-billion-dollar merger, with the company announcing its $4.5b acquisition of optical interconnect giant Acacia had at last closed.

Cloud tech tipped to sweep foreign exchange trading by 2025

“Looking ahead, we expect that the increased use of cloud will help market participants of all shapes and sizes perform their FX functions on a daily basis cheaper and more efficiently, and that time to market, customisation abilities and remote accessibility will continue to be necessary requirements of a sophisticated workflow.”

New research highlights security risks of cloud-native environments

25 percent of cloud-native breaches are due to managed services configured to default security profiles or with excessive permissions, new research has revealed.

Oracle spins up Israel cloud region in underground data centre

Oracle has continued its huge cloud infrastructure investment drive with the launch of a new cloud region in Israel, becoming the first of the leading cloud providers to do so. 

The launch of Israel East in Jerusalem was announced an at event attended by Oracle Israel country leader Uzi Navon, Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, and Bynet CEO Alon Ben Zur this week.