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Californian tech firm Apexon opens new UK HQ in Sunderland

Written by Wed 20 Sep 2023

Sunderand City Council's Chef Executive Patrick Melia with Rob Gwyther from Apexon outside their new premises at The Beam, Sunderland

California-based tech firm Apexon has opened a new headquarters in Sunderland to meet growing demand for digital products in the UK.

The business transformation solution provider’s new 5,700 square foot facility is located at The Beam in the Riverside Sunderland area.

“We are really excited to expand our presence in the UK, a vibrant technology hub at the forefront of global digital evolution,” said Rob Gwyther, Managing Director at Apexon UK.

The move is aimed at enhancing client accessibility to their team of digital experts. It aligns with Apecon’s plan to continue investment in the UK and Europe.

Also located at The Beam are online grocer Ocado, software engineering company asset55, and regional TV and film body North East Screen.

“With its new headquarters in Riverside Sunderland, Apexon is the latest global brand to realise the area’s potential. We are delighted to have worked with them to secure their new home,” said Patrick Melia, Chief Executive of Sunderland City Council.

Before moving its headquarters to The Beam, Apexon established a different office in Sunderland in 2014.

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Written by Wed 20 Sep 2023

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