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BT Group employs ServiceNow AI to enhance staff operations

Written by Thu 4 Jul 2024

UK telecoms giant BT is hoping to reduce the number of third-party support staff with the introduction of a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology from ServiceNow.

In an interview with The Register, Hena Jalil, Business CIO at BT Group, mentioned many of these tasks are handled by subcontractors, which ultimately boosts the company’s bottom line by reducing the need for extensive outsourcing.

“We have that process at the moment because, as we are building confidence, we do need that validation. There are certain things that we want to capture that we don’t want an agent to change. We’re doing random checks at the other end as well,” added Jalil.

The expansion of the agreement between ServiceNow and BT will now include the AI-backed ServiceNow’s Now Assist for Telecom Service Management (TSM). In a pilot project, the Now Assist project was able to support the creation of case summaries and increase the speed of reviewing notes, leading to BT wanting to grow the level of the partnership.

The telecoms firm said they expect to save £25 million ($31.8 million) over five years from the transition to ServiceNow and its AI tools. While there are many positives from this partnership, ServiceNow did admit that the Now Assist products have hallucinated or created errors in specific areas.

More than 50 legacy applications were replaced with one ServiceNow platform, with 76 different ways of introducing service processes being replaced by the ServiceNow tool. Despite the major efficiency savings from the ServiceNow implementation, BT have said they do not expect to see any direct job losses from this partnership. As the introduction of generative AI solutions enables staff to focus on more higher quality tasks, staff can add more value than in the past for complex cases.

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Written by Thu 4 Jul 2024

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