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Bosch unveils AI-powered sun visor which protects driver’s eyes

Written by Tue 7 Jan 2020

AI-powered sun visor

Bosch unveils an AI-powered sun visor which uses face-tracking cameras to darken parts of an LCD panel to protect a driver’s eyes

A virtual visor for drivers which uses artificial intelligence and a face-tracking camera to automatically shield a driver’s eyes from the sun has been unveiled by Bosch.

The sun visor uses a transparent LCD panel combined with the AI sensors which intelligently darken the part of the display through which light hits the driver’s eyes.

As a result, the visor is able to block out the sun without restricting the driver’s wider view of the road and their surroundings.

Virtual Visor

The Virtual Visor has been unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas, the annual technology convention.

Bosch, which has traditionally been associated with home appliances but has recently begun developing autonomous vehicle and other related technologies, says the solution could help prevent hundreds of accidents.

The company cites research from the AA which suggests that sun glare is a factor in one in every 50 accidents.

Dr Steffen Berns, president of Bosch Car Multimedia, said: “For most drivers around the world, the visor component as we know it is not enough to avoid hazardous sun glare – especially at dawn and dusk when the sun can greatly decrease drivers’ vision.

“Some of the simplest innovations make the greatest impact, and Virtual Visor changes the way drivers see the road.”

The visor has been named as an honouree in the CES Best of Innovation awards in the in-vehicle and safety category.

Written by Tue 7 Jan 2020


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