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AWS to help improve Meta’s AI services

Written by Fri 10 Dec 2021

In a bid to enhance the open-source PyTorch machine learning library, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its strategic cloud partner. This new partnership expands the relationship between Meta and AWS, as well as broadening the use of AWS solutions around compute, storage and security at Meta.

“Meta and AWS have been expanding our collaboration over the last five years,” said Kathrin Renz, Vice President of Business Development and Industries at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “With this agreement, AWS will continue to help Meta support research and development, drive innovation, and collaborate with third parties and the open-source community at scale. Customers can rely on Meta and AWS to collaborate on PyTorch, making it easier for them to build, train, and deploy deep learning models on AWS.”

The computing power offered by AWS will also be used to boost artificial intelligence (AI) research and development in the Meta AI group. For customers who run PyTorch on AWS, this strategic partnership is on track to improve performance and speed up how developers build, train, deploy and operate machine learning models.

The unrivalled global reach and reliability of AWS is one of the reasons why Meta decided to expand the relationship between the two companies. With billions of customers across the globe, it’s clear that partnering with a major enterprise that has the capabilities to meet the needs of these users was of the utmost importance for Meta.

According to Amazon, by focusing on enabling PyTorch to orchestrate large-scale training jobs in a distributed system of AI accelerators, developers will find it easier to build deep learning models for natural language processing and computer vision. To simplify the deployment of models in production, the companies will continue to enhance TorchServe, the serving engine native to PyTorch that makes it easy to deploy trained PyTorch models at scale.

Written by Fri 10 Dec 2021


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