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AWS Startup Showcase to focus on DevOps capacity to boost business

Written by Thu 16 Sep 2021

Amazon web services

In recognition of the value of DevOps in growing business, cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) and media company theCUBE are planning a livestream event on September 22nd at 9am titled ‘AWS Startup Showcase: New Breakthroughs in DevOps, Data Analytics & Cloud Management Tools’.

One of the highlights of the event are the 15 innovative companies who are part of the AWS Startup ecosystem, who will share their latest breakthroughs in DevOps, data analytics & insights, and cloud migration and management tools.

The day will kick of with a presentation from Emily Freeman, author of “DevOps for Dummies,” who argues for a transformation in DevOps that advances from Agile and DevOps to embrace the changes needed to innovate around DevSecOps and AIOps.

Leading DevOps companies including Harness.io, Lumigo and Sysdig will be interviewed during the event, as well as sharing their insights to viewers who want to learn from the most innovative start-ups in the DevOps space.

The shifting ambitions of companies who use DevOps are of increasing interest, in particular when it comes to the attraction of build/run and a product-centric approach, for speakers at the showcase. Data analytics are a central part of this new model with chocolate producer Hershey being pointed to as a business that has greatly benefited from using data insights to unlock business value.

When the confectionery giant broke down data from 2020, they found a notable increase in customers toasting s’mores using its six-pack chocolate bar in their back-gardens compared to previous years. Using this insight, the firm was able to increase supply to meet this demand for the next year and ensure there would be no gaps in the supply chain

Written by Thu 16 Sep 2021


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