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AWS launches fully managed backup service

Written by Thu 17 Jan 2019

Wave goodbye to custom scripts: AWS Backup automates backup across multiple AWS services and on-prem apps

AWS has announced AWS Backup, a service that makes it simpler for developers to back up their data across various AWS services and on-premises applications.

From the get-go, developers can manage backup policies across databases, block storage, object storage and file systems. Initially, AWS Backup is integrated with AWS DynamoDB, EBS, EFS, RDS, and storage gateway with support for more services planned in the future.

These services have provided independent backup capability for some time. What’s new here is that users can now automate backups and consolidate backup activity across several services from one central pane, instead of developers having to create custom scripts to do the automating for them.

From the AWS management console developers simply set a policy that defines how frequently backups are created and how long they are stored, and then individually assign them to resources they want backed-up. AWS backup then takes care of scheduling, resources, orchestration and retention management.

In light of GDPR Europe and approaching copycat regulations in the U.S., Amazon is trying to make it easier for developers to comply with backup compliance requirements, and with AWS backup able to take care of both on-premises and AWS services, it will appeal to firms no matter whey they sit on the cloud-native — hybrid scale.

“We designed AWS Backup for [the] type of builder who has told us that they want one place to go for backups versus having to do it across multiple, individual services. Today, we are proud to make AWS Backup available with support for block storage volumes, databases, and file systems, and over time, we plan to support additional AWS services.”

Rackspace is one of many IT service providers that have celebrated the announcement. Prashanth Chandrasekar, senior VP and GM of Rackspace managed public clouds, said AWS Backup will allow them to monitor its customer’s data protection.

“We believe AWS Backup will also provide customers greater operational efficiency, allowing us to simplify the process for supporting our customers’ auditing and compliance requirements,” he said.

Written by Thu 17 Jan 2019


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