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Australian PM suggests prioritising trust over cost for data centre

Written by Fri 22 Apr 2022

At the recent opening of a data centre in Sydney, Australian PM Scott Morrison said that businesses should prioritise trust and security over cost and efficiency in the data centre. This focus on data security was announced just days after the opening of an $89 million AUD cybercrime prevention centre in Australia.


At the opening of the Macquarie data centre, Morrison said that trust and security are central to the functioning of the global supply chain, pointing to the prevalence of cyber attacks as lessons to organisations.

“We see that in the most terrible events, whether it’s in Ukraine or the stresses that are being placed on our own country here in the Indo-pacific, when it comes to data security you’ve got to be dealing with someone that you trust.”

The new Macquarie facility, known as Intellicentre 3 East (IC3 East) has a high federal government security clearance (SCEC Zone 3) and is staffed by engineers that have been provided government access as well.

The data centre includes a security ops centre to support government agencies in the face of cyber threats. This ops centre includes a dashboard on the origin of cyberattacks, targets, and patterns of digital security threats.

Macquarie Government Director, Aidan Tudehope, said, “The world has changed quite dramatically in recent years and particularly in recent months. This has a direct impact on the level of cybercriminal activity which is landing on Australian shores.

The PM used his speech at the data centre’s opening to hold it up as an example of secure infrastructure.

“I think that’s one of the great virtues of where we are today and one of the reasons why investments like this are made in Australia, because of the amazing people that we’re training and bringing into our companies and our organisations. This is enabling infrastructure such as this to be built for it,” he said.

Written by Fri 22 Apr 2022


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