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Ascenty launches second Chilean data centre

Written by Fri 19 Aug 2022

Ascenty Chilean Data Centre

Ascenty, the Latin-American data centre services provider, has opened its second data centre in Chile.

The new facility, located just outside of Santiago, is the largest of its kind in the country, boasting 226,000 square feet and 31 MW IT load capacity.

The Ascenty Santiago 2 data centre is built to Tier 3 standards, with over 48 hours of independent operations by generator. Additionally, Santiago 2 offers a high-performance cooling system with redundant lateral corridors,

The facility has thus far cost $R500 million, but is estimated to total $R770 once the buildout is completed. The data centre was launched at 20% of total capacity purchased by large, international businesses, but is expected to be at 40% by end of year.

Chris Torot, CEO and founder of Ascenty, noted that the new facility is a part of the larger Latin American strategy for the company. “Chile is a key and strategic country for Ascenty in Latin America”, he said, adding, “this new data center enables us to meet regional demands and continue our rapid expansion into other Latin American countries.

“We recently opened two data centers in Mexico and are looking to enter other local markets, such as Colombia and Peru.”

The Santiago 2 facility also provides security measures that incorporate high-definition automatic movement detection (AMD) and 24-7 physical security supported by trained staff.

Ascenty was recently acquired by Digital Realty, as part of that company’s Latin American expansion strategy. Ascenty currently owns and operates 22 data centres in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, with another 6 facilities under construction. The company has also submitted plans for Colombia and Peru, which are expected to be the next countries targeted in its Latin American expansion strategy.

In 2018, data centre leader Digital Realty announced that it would acquire Ascenty for $2.8 billion USD, with an additional $425 million USD investment for data centre development. This acquisition established Digital Relaty as a leading services provider in Latin America, cemented by the launch of new facilities including Santiago 2.

Written by Fri 19 Aug 2022


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