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Asanti goes green with new renewable energy deal for its data centres

Written by Wed 4 Oct 2023

Asanti has signed a new energy deal with Bryt Energy to power its data centres. The UK data centre company claims it will now power its facilities with 100% renewable energy.

Asanti will procure power sourced from solar, wind, and hydro energy.

“We will significantly reduce our carbon footprint, eradicating an estimated 2,856 tonnes of CO2 every year,” said the company in a statement.

Businesswise Solutions provided support to Asanti throughout the energy procurement process. The company will continue to handle energy procurement on their behalf.

Asanti currently operates 5 regional edge data centres in Hamilton, Livingston, Manchester, Leeds, Farnborough, and Reading. The company has a partnership with a data centre facility in central Scotland to offer capacity at a sixth data centre.

The data centre company is actively looking to acquire and build more as part of their ‘aggressive growth strategy’.

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Written by Wed 4 Oct 2023

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