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Apple first to reach $1 trillion brand value, finds report

Written by Wed 12 Jun 2024

Image credit: Reuters

Apple has become the first brand to surpass $1 trillion (£783.2 billion) in brand value, marking a 15% increase from last year, according to Kantar’s BrandZ global ranking.

The consulting company found Apple retained the top spot as the world’s most valuable brand for the third year in a row in 2024.

Google at £585.8 billion $753.5 billion), Microsoft at £554.6 billion ($712.9 billion), Amazon at £448.6 billion ($576.6 billion), filled out the top four, while NVIDIA ($201.8 billion) had risen 18 places to sixth with a 178% increase in brand value.

NVIDIA’s entry into the top ten was attributed to the boom in artificial intelligence (AI) and chip demand. Kantar found NVIDIA has the highest brand value increase of 178% positioned as such due to the brand’s focus on innovation.

“What really sets Nvidia apart is the faith that retail and institutional investors alike have in NVIDIA’s centrality to the biggest disruptive narratives in tech,  innovations like generative AI, autonomous mobility, and spatial computing,” said Kantar.

Within this group Microsoft posted the highest -year-on-year brand value growth at 42%, while all other brands in the top posted double digit growth.

Tech Giants Propel Global Brand Value

Kantar found the total value of its top 100 Most Valuable Brands has risen 20% year on year.

“A lot of the credit for this turnaround should go to the world’s top tech brands, who have contributed £934.9 billion ($1.2 trillion),” said Kantar.

The consulting company also found that its top 10 is worth half of the global top 100 overall, capturing the same combined value of over £3.1 trillion ($4 trillion) as the rest of the world’s top brands combined.

Kantar emphasised that none of these companies have ‘rested on their laurels’. Instead, they have worked hard to predispose more consumers, become more present, and expand into new spaces.

The consulting firm conducted research involving over 4.3 million consumer interviews across 532 categories and 21,000 brands in 54 markets.

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Written by Wed 12 Jun 2024

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