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Ampere flagship chip to be offered by Google Cloud

Written by Thu 31 Aug 2023

Semiconductor firm Ampere Computing has announced their flagship chip will be offered by Google Cloud.

This is the first time a cloud company will offer AmpereOne chips, which has customised computing cores.

First reported by Reuters, Ampere expects more deals with other cloud providers to follow later this year, but declined to name them.

“These are now much easier for people to find,” said Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer of Ampere.

Ampere’s chips utilises technology from SoftBank Group’s Arm, which recently disclosed a 6.8% stake in Ampere during its IPO filings.

Given the pressure for greater data centre efficiency, Ampere claims their chips consume less energy than Intel’s while delivering comparable compute performance.

Intel recently announced its new Sierra Forest chips, which will have 240% better performance per watt than its current generation.

Ampere Computing, a startup founded by ex-Intel executives, was the first company to go to market with a chip that focused on energy efficiency for cloud computing workloads. Intel and AMD swiftly followed suit by introducing comparable products.

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Written by Thu 31 Aug 2023

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