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Amazon announces new features for cloud-gaming service Luna

Written by Thu 16 Sep 2021

Technology giant Amazon recently announced their cloud-gaming service Luna will receive a number of new features and improvements. Launched just under a year ago, the paid for subscription service offers users the chance to play a range of games on a number of devices by streaming the content from Amazon’s servers.

A new Family channel is available to purchase for an additional $2.99 a month that offers 35 new family-friendly games, including DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, Transformers: Battlegrounds and SkateBIRD. Another retro-themed channel will be launched on Luna that features a array of arcade-style releases from publishers like Atari and SNK. High-definition versions of classics such as Another World, Dragon’s Lair and King of Fighters will also be available to subscribers of this channel.

The Luna Couch feature gives customers a new way of playing together by allowing subscribers to join in with other gamers to remotely play cooperative and multiplayer games.

“You can invite friends to Luna Couch and play any of the local multiplayer games across our Luna Channels and get right into the action — plus they don’t even need to be a Luna subscriber to join the fun,” says Gabi Knight, Director of Product Management & Marketing at Amazon Luna in a blog post.

The cloud gaming service gives users of relatively low-spec devices, like smartphones and tablets, access to innovative console games, thanks to backing of the Amazon Web Services platform. By utilising the immense power of cloud-computing, all players can benefit from a high-end gameplay experience that rivals the traditional physical game mode.

Written by Thu 16 Sep 2021


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