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AirTrunk announces largest APAC data centre outside of China

Written by Fri 12 Nov 2021

Australian hyper scale data centre company AirTrunk has announced that it will expand its Western Sydney campus with a new facility. The new data centre, named SYD3, will add 320+ MW to the company’s capacity in Western Sydney.

SYD3 will be located less than one kilometre from SDY1, and when connected, the two data centres will offer a total of 450+ MW of capacity, making it the largest data centre campus in the APAC region outside of China.

Robin Khuda, Founder and CEO of AirTrunk, noted that the multi-billion dollar new facility will help AirTrunk meet the growing demand for data centre services in the Western Sydney region. “It’s an exciting day as we circle back to Western Sydney, where it all began for AirTrunk when we launched our flagship SYD1 data centre in late 2017.”

“WIth SYD1 nearing full capacity, SYD3’s location less than one kilometre away will help our major technology customers scale with ease, creating synergies and efficiencies between the connected campuses.”

SYD3 will be constructed in nine phases across 20.5 acres of space, powered by an onsite substation providing 132 KV of electricity. The data centre is expected to hold the low 1.15 PUE standards set by AirTrunk’s other facilities and will utilise 80% less water than traditional data centres – reducing the environmental impact of the data centre.

Sydney is becoming a focus for data centre activity, as recent announcements from industry leaders shows. Equinix is partnering with PGIM Real Estate on a $575 million AUD deal to build two data centres in the city; and two large parcels of land were recently sold for $208 million AUD in the Horsely Park area, for development by data centre operators NextDC and Digital Realty.

Other companies like DCI are focusing on edge data centres outside of Sydney to take the pressure off the Sydney hub.

Written by Fri 12 Nov 2021


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