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Accenture launches Sovereign Cloud to support innovation

Written by Fri 29 Apr 2022

Professional services firm Accenture recently announced the creation of a new global practice that can be used by enterprises to benefit from the expansion of innovative technologies.


The Accenture Cloud First Sovereign Practice will see four new sovereign cloud centres constructed in: Germany, Norway, Paris and Rome to bring together experts in technology, security and industry to collaborate with partners and drive forward the discovery of new data insights.

The sovereign cloud approach gives businesses the opportunity to comprehensively control the location, access to and processing of data, which is especially important for enterprises that have to meet stringent compliance requirements in different geographic locations.

According to Jean-Marc Ollagnier, CEO of Accenture in Europe, both individual companies and whole industries are seeking out new opportunities in cloud to become more resilient, sustainable and innovative.

“Whether the goal is to accelerate the switch to greener energy sources, respond to supply chain disruptions or speed up drug discovery, all these transformations rely on cloud, data, and artificial intelligence. And they will require sovereign frameworks for data storage and sharing between trusted partners,” adds Ollagnier.

With cloud only becoming a more attractive proposition for enterprises across the world, this move by Accenture comes at an opportune time. As some companies who want to embrace cloud may be hesitant due to issues around data regulations across Europe, the Sovereign Cloud solution can go a long way in eliminating these concerns.

Cloud is increasingly becoming a must have as opposed to a ‘nice to have’ solution, with everything from AI to the metaverse being enhanced through the effective use of cloud technologies and solutions.

Thanks to these new sovereign cloud centres, Accenture clients can see first-hand the advantages that embracing a service that offers a strong compliance element can be to their operations.

Written by Fri 29 Apr 2022


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