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Two-thirds of world’s population to have 5G coverage by 2025

Written by Mon 25 Nov 2019

Ericsson expects 5G to catch on far quicker than 4G

Networking and telecommunications giant Ericsson has released the much-anticipated update to its longstanding Mobility Report, revealing its latest forecasts for 5G adoption and availability.

Since Ericsson released the 2018 edition of the report, many of Europe’s main network operators have launched their 5G networks, including all of the UK’s major providers. Service providers in Asia, Australia, the Middle East and North America also switched on their 5G networks.

Both South Korea and China have experienced particularly strong 5G uptake. Three million users in South Korea have hooked up to 5G since services went live in April, while China estimates there to be 10 to 13 million users subscribed to 5G plans by the end of the year.

In the refreshed forecast, Ericsson said it expects the total number of global 5G subscriptions to exceed 2.6 billion by 2025 and 5G to cover up to 65 percent of the world’s population in the same timeframe, by which point 45 percent of global mobile data traffic will flow through the next-gen networks.

On the enterprise side, Ericsson also anticipates a surge in IoT devices plugged into mobile networks over the next five years. There will be 5 billion mobile IoT connections by the end of 2025, rising from 1.3 billion by the end of 2019 – a compound annual growth rate of 25 percent.

“It is encouraging to see that 5G now has broad support from almost all device makers,” said Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks, Ericsson.

“In 2020, 5G-compatible devices will enter the volume market, which will scale up 5G adoption. The question is no longer if, but how quickly we can convert use cases into relevant applications for consumers and enterprises. With 4G remaining a strong connectivity enabler in many parts of the world, modernizing networks is also key to this technological change we’re going through.”

Written by Mon 25 Nov 2019


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