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Whitepaper: Intel Data Center Manager Reduces Energy Consumption

Tue 14 Aug 2018

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A multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company recently sought to optimize the data center environment of its development laboratory.

The development lab is the innovation engine of the company where they manage servers for various business units.

As the R&D and testing workloads of the development lab continues to increase, the number and types of IT assets, especially server devices in its data center rooms, are also rapidly increasing. Currently, the total number of servers in the R&D lab’s data center exceed 30,000. The large number of servers in the data center bring huge energy costs and hardware maintenance pressures.

Moreover, data center KPI indicators such as green energy efficiency and server performance are highly valued by R&D management.

Download this whitepaper to see how Intel’s DCM reduced and optimized the overall energy consumption of the R&D laboratory servers during operations, while effectively decreasing the performance risks of information systems and ensuring the smooth development of related R&D services.



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