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Tue 7 Apr 2020

Pyramid analytics

Many analytics and business intelligence tools today reduce analytics to a visualisation exercise

What’s more, they give scant attention to the aspects of analytics that matter most in enterprise settings: data access, governance, and scalability. And while they tout ease of use or advanced technologies, many tools leave out vital collaborative and practical functionality.

Today’s challenges require more than self-service applications that only produce descriptive visualizations based on limited data. Yet when self-service tools focus on data visualisation, they minimize the importance of data governance and data integrity in enterprise settings. This limits our ability to gain true insights from our data and make meaningful business decisions.

In this white paper,  Pyramid Analytics examines how visualisations came to be the predominant aspect of many BI tools. It then details the four ways it has focused on a holistic analytics approach to help organizations make better decisions based on accurate, complete data.

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