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The Definitive Guide to Customer Data Platforms

Fri 23 Oct 2020


By collecting customer data from many different
channels, and unifying it into one location,
CDPs offer all teams within the business—from
marketing to analytics—a single, accessible, and
real-time view of their customer.

In doing so, CDPs have real business impact. A
study by Oracle reports that companies using a
CDP earn 2.5x more in customer lifetime value
than those who do not use a CDP.

The rapid growth of CDP as a category, however,
hasn’t been without growing pains. In the annual
hype cycle, Gartner recently placed CDPs in the
“trough of disillusionment.” Suggesting that CDP
buyers expect this technology to do more than it
is capable of delivering. However, this guide will
help you understand the benefits and capabilities
of a customer data platform.

To offer greater clarity into what a CDP is and
who it benefits in your business, Segment has
put together our Definitive Guide to CDPs.

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