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A sensible approach to Smart City projects

Fri 27 Mar 2020

As Internet-of-Things devices become more and more commonplace, the uses for such devices continues to expand. One of the key places they are appearing is as part of so-called “smart city” projects

The benefits of smart city technologies are apparent, but the sheer size of such projects is making some wary of rushing in. In this white paper, explore various facets of smart city initiatives, including:

  • Examples of smart city technologies
  • The potential benefits of smart cities
  • Common and pragmatic first steps into smart city initiatives
  • Smart city pitfalls to avoid

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COVID-19:  We stand ready to help

During this difficult time, many organisations are having to do work in ways they haven’t before. Whether protecting their employees’ health or addressing their community’s needs, companies and government agencies are putting in place emergency plans that often require providing secure and reliable connectivity in new and unusual places.

Cradlepoint solutions can help organisations as they establish connectivity for at-home workers, temporary pop-up locations, school buses and digital signage by connecting them quickly to a cellular network while maintaining security best practices and not taxing overwhelmed IT teams.

For education, healthcare, and emergency services organisations, we stand ready to help you provide students, caregivers, and first responders with secure access to the information they need from anywhere. Whether from homes, parking lots, make-shift tents, previously vacant buildings, temporary command centers, or military bases, in big cities and small towns, we can help you keep those on the front lines of the pandemic securely connected.

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