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Remote working essentials for IT teams

Wed 12 Aug 2020

Although we saw this shift to a distributed
remote work-force slowly approaching, today
it has become a sudden reality. A recent
Gartner HR survey has revealed that 41 percent
of employees are likely to continue working
remotely post the coronavirus pandemic.

Making applications easily accessible and
automating tasks to boost efficiency are
imperative to ensure business continuity
during these unprecedented times. The
challenges in front of organizations and their
IT teams are immense. Once organizations and
their employees iron out the challenges and
adapt to remote work, there’s no going back.

With employees taking data,
applications, and devices home,
IT teams are facing an entirely new
set of challenges. This makes it vital for
organizations to invest in the right tools
and remote work solutions. Having a
comprehensive remote IT management
and monitoring system in place can
enhance the remote work experience
for your organization by proactively
ensuring your IT infrastructure is
stable, secure, and healthy.

With organizations scrambling to
sustain productivity while their
workforce is remote, the responsibility
of establishing and implementing sound
strategies to build sustainable remote
workplaces falls on IT teams.
At ManageEngine, we look at this phase
of remote work as a period to enhance
the overall internal processes, and
strengthen our offerings, so our
customers will have the tools they
need to navigate the remote work

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