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Practical pandemic planning

Tue 7 Apr 2020

Pandemic Planning

This whitepaper was written at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK around a month ago by the Head of Strategic Practice at Information Risk Management. The paper outlines some of the key considerations for business continuity during these unusual times.

Firstly, don’t add a fourth ‘P’ for Panic, but do take the current outbreak and associated risks seriously. We are experiencing something that could impact us in many ways for an indeterminate period of time. A pandemic falls under one of the four categories of ‘operational risk’.

This whitepaper explores:

  • Key actions organisations can take to protect the business and its information security
  • Risks that the pandemic scenario can create for your organisation
  • The impact on people and employees

To download the whitepaper, you don’t need to provide any details. Just simply download it here.

You can also download our handy COVID-10 Business Continuity Checklist, providing you with easy points to consider as your assess the business impact on your organisation.

Download here


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