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KORE Wireless: The beating heart of IoT-enabled business transformation

Thu 16 May 2019

Kore Wireless

Although IoT may have only recently appeared on business radars, for decades KORE has been serving businesses of all stripes with IoT solutions. The company is on a mission to support the next generation of IoT-enabled firms, no matter where they are on their IoT journey

The internet of things is a moniker that has relatively recent origins in the world of business technology. But the premise to which it refers – the connection of all manner of business assets to the internet – long predates the term. When in search of an IoT solution, it pays to consult experts that have been there from the start. With decades worth of experience KORE Wireless has been in the IoT game longer than most.

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, but with touchpoints in all corners of the globe, KORE has established itself as the trusted advisor for businesses across industries in search of an IoT solution. Through its advanced connectivity applications, hardware solutions and ecosystem of mobile network operator partners, KORE has connected over 10 million devices around the world.

The businesses who own these devices are benefiting from novel and powerful flows of information that reduce operational expenditure, improve control of mission-critical applications, and tunnel new avenues of innovation.

No business is at the same stage of its IoT journey. Some have experimented with IoT, while others are approaching a project from scratch. No matter what stage they are at, KORE is on hand to offer the clarity, vision and products that deliver a project’s objectives.

“Businesses look to KORE to as an extension of their every day,” says Gilli Coston, KORE’s SVP of Sales. “KORE becomes a partner they can trust, that they can check things with, get services from, and can get advice from throughout the life of their project.”

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    Customer at the KORE

    There is often a temptation to innovate for the sake of it. Over the course of its history, KORE has learned to know when an IoT solution can actually assist a business, and when it would only add gratuitous complexity to operations. ‘Problem first, technology later’ is a thread that runs through its approach, and is why all of KORE’s customers in the 180 countries it serves have incorporated worthwhile IoT solutions.

    “No business wakes up in the morning and thinks “I need an IoT solution.” It’s driven by a business or a technical challenge they are facing within their own organisation,” says Peter VHD, KORE’s, director of presales. “Our primary objective is to get under their skin, understand their challenges, help them solve them, and produce an IoT solution we can deliver effectively.”

    Meet the team behind one of the industry’s most well-established and well-trusted IoT enablers. Its experts, managers and directors explain why KORE is the only contact a business needs to connect and manage a constellation of internet-connected devices throughout their lifecycles. Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks they need an IoT solution, and with KORE companies no longer have to put up with deployments that keep them awake at night.

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