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Is your IoT device going to be talking to the world past 2025?

Tue 14 Jul 2020

With a projected total installed base of 75.44 billion IoT connected devices worldwide by 2025 – a 10-fold increase in 10 years – it’s clear that demand for connectivity to these devices will continue unabated.

However, the journey to 75bn devices is paved with decisions about which network to use, which connectivity provider has the greatest coverage, and which system is the most reliable. Back in the early 1990s, when the music charts were dominated by MC Hammer and Right Said Fred, 2G emerged as the dominant method to connect devices. We still have 2G today, making it a 25-year-old network, and in the late 1990s we then had GPRS over 2G (2.5G).

But as time continued and consumers and organisations demanded more bandwidth from their devices for faster internet on their phones, the communication networks launched 3G. Today we have 4G, 5G (in its infancy) and LTE.

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