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How to improve the efficiency and intelligence of your data centre

Sun 7 Jul 2019

Meet Raritan, an industry leader in Intelligent Rack Power Management

You’ve probably spent countless hours thinking about what would happen if your data centre or servers failed. You’ve tirelessly researched safeguards to put in place to prevent a total shut down but have only found cookie-cutter solutions.

Your business depends on the right solution—one that understands your specific needs and requirements. That’s where Raritan comes in.

Raritan, a brand of Legrand is one of the leading providers of intelligent rack PDUs and other data centre infrastructure monitoring and management solutions.

Its PDUs are easy to use with proven reliability and can be custom built for your unique environment.

Some unique features are:

  • Built-in Failover Power
  • Advanced Alerting
  • Circuit Break Trip Alarming
  • Zero Touch Deployment
  • High Power Density Options
  • And More…

Learn how Raritan can improve the efficiency and intelligence of your data centre.

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