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Hacked Off!

Tue 21 Jul 2020

Introducing Bitdefender Hacked Off! A comprehensive study into the cybersecurity attitudes of infosecurity professionals around the world.

“From organisational weaknesses to infosec professionals’ pressure points and what they’re doing to combat them, Hacked Off! aims to shine a light on the current state of play of the global cybersecurity landscape by focusing on three core areas:

Weak spots
Exploring individuals’ perception of risk and the top internal and external threats facing organisations

Analysing the most significant stress factors for infosec professionals, as well as the training and support available to them

Hearing directly from cybersecurity professionals about their current infosecurity strategies and plans to safeguard their organisations

“This Bitdefender survey of more than 6,000 infosec professionals in large organisations across the US, EMEA and APAC shows that while many rate their cybersecurity as ‘good’, a continued lack of budget, talent and training means that there is still significant scope for improvement. A large portion of them believe that the best way of defending against advanced attacks is to provide training & support. This is proved by the fact that organisations which are placing more emphasis on training are better at detecting attacks quickly, and more efficient at isolating them. Ultimately, cybersecurity has improved over the last 36 months, but IT workers are still facing a great deal of stress and risk. This means that getting the right strategies and solutions in place is imperative. In fact, it will ensure the trend of stress and risk doesn’t stretch into future years.”

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