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Cutting carbon emissions in the data centre

Mon 30 Apr 2018

Electricity is a data centre’s single biggest operating cost, accounting for anything from 25-60% of its total overheads. With the need to power both its ICT equipment and provide the constant cooling to keep all their servers and support systems running safely, for the mega-sized facilities fairly commonplace these days, that’s a yearly energy bill running into millions of pounds.

Whatever a data centre’s size though, any shortcomings in efficiency will quickly add up to unnecessary waste and costs. And with demands for datacentre capacity booming as a result of increased interconnectivity, automation, and the rise of smart industry, the economic and environmental consequences of inaction could be catastrophic.

In this exclusive whitepaper, data centre power protection specialist Riello UPS explains how the rise of modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units is leading to huge efficiency improvements and significant energy savings throughout the sector.

Carbon Cutting In The Datacentre’ shares practical advice on how to accurately measure energy efficiency in data centres, as well as outlining the benefits modular UPS can bring in terms of scalability, reduced cooling requirements, and even using its batteries to generate and store renewable energy.

It’s an essential read for data centre managers interested in the twin benefits of reducing their carbon emissions footprint while boosting their bottom line through performance savings.

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