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10 Ways to Secure and Accelerate a Modern Workforce

Thu 28 May 2020

Once upon a time, the office was where work got done. Employees who needed to access internal systems remotely were hamstrung by the sluggish performance and complexity of VPNs, if they bothered at all.

Today, that dynamic has radically changed. As a result of choice and now circumstance, workforces are increasingly mobile and distributed. Where before it was feasible to enforce a perimeter around the corporate network, today’s applications and the dizzying array of devices accessing them remotely have rendered traditional security postures obsolete. The modern corporate network is the Internet, and safeguarding it demands a radical new approach.

This guide will give you the foundation to adapt your business’s online security for today and
the future. It will introduce key concepts like the Zero-Trust Security Model, highlight new solutions for old problems, and equip you with the knowledge you need to secure your team in this rapidly-changing landscape.

Download this white paper from Cloudflare on 10 Ways to Secure and Accelerate a Modern Workforce.

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