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Is your IoT device going to be talking to the world past 2025?
With a projected total installed base of 75.44 billion IoT connected devices worldwide by 2025 – a 10-fold increase in 10 years – it’s clear that demand for connectivity to these devices will continue unabated. However, the journey to 75bn devices is paved with decisions about which network to use, which connectivity provider has the... Read More

5G: A CTO’s guide to the new network

5G brings many exciting and transformative possibilities for businesses large and small, across every industry sector.

In technical terms, 5G represents a significant step forward from 4G, on which it will initially build. As it evolves, 5G will bring major new tech capabilities that will support entirely new business models, sectors, and more efficient ways of working.

A sensible approach to Smart City projects
As Internet-of-Things devices become more and more commonplace, the uses for such devices continues to expand. One of the key places they are appearing is as part of so-called “smart city” projects The benefits of smart city technologies are apparent, but the sheer size of such projects is making some wary of rushing in. In... Read More

KORE Wireless: The beating heart of IoT-enabled business transformation
Although IoT may have only recently appeared on business radars, for decades KORE has been serving businesses of all stripes with IoT solutions. The company is on a mission to support the next generation of IoT-enabled firms, no matter where they are on their IoT journey The internet of things is a moniker that has... Read More

What doesn’t happen keeps our world running smoothly – the power of MindSphere

In the era of digitalization, zero downtime is the expectation. One way companies can minimize the risk of unplanned downtime is analyzing Internet of Things (IoT) data from a wide variety of assets to quickly identify problems before they occur. MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system that lets you understand your data by… Read More

Enabling tomorrow’s connected infrastructure for IoT

The need for a next-generation connected infrastructure is approaching faster than ever. With the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) we need to consider new and critical developments around power, light and data as we prepare for what’s ahead. One can only guess what the world we live, play and work in will be like 10 years… Read More

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