Latest Design and Build Whitepapers

Whitepaper: Colocation vs On-Premises – The Pros and Cons
Download this 10-page whitepaper to learn the pros and cons of flying solo and going colo. Error: Contact form not found. Flying solo is the way to go when IT is a profit center rather than a cost center for the company. A well-designed IT environment with the right “user experience” can be a lucrative... Read More

Innovative NEXTDC micro data centre is the way of the future

With their new P2 20MW hyperscale data centre scheduled for completion in 2020, NEXTDC couldn’t leave the Western Australian market waiting 18 months for critical cloud and connectivity services So, in parallel to the main build, NEXTDC partnered with Flexenclosure to create the P2 microsite – a small but extremely powerful modular data centre, designed… Read More

Whitepaper: Key elements of a successful data center cabinet ecosystem

Understanding the cabinet ecosystem is a key part of supporting the availability and efficiency of the IT equipment in your data centre. This whitepaper explores, in detail, everything you need to know about the cabinet ecosystem so that you can make the best decisions for your data centre and in turn, the businesses it supports…. Read More

Data centre design best practices: Efficiencies beyond power and cooling

Efficiency is a key objective when designing a data centre. Yet efficiency gains are typically focused entirely on power and cooling. This latest white paper from Legrand explains how key efficiencies can be realised in many other areas including performance, time, space, experience, and sustainability. Focusing on these elements can not only deliver additional cost savings,… Read More

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