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Adopting a low energy and low water consumption approach

Wed 8 Apr 2020

Excool is a specialist in indirect evaporative cooling. Don’t miss this presentation from DCW 2020

Over the last decade the data centre world has changed, the demand from the market is very different now in 2020 compared to 2010 and data centres began to implement IEC into their builds.

2010 was about low energy and resultant low PUE. But generally the sites were not so large and 5MW site was considered a large site, so high-water use was not a consideration.

Fast forward 10 years and low energy consumption remains a key target for all new build of DC’s. However, sites have become far larger where 10MW sites are considered the norm.

Water storage and water treatment have become major headaches for DC owners and operators. So a new way of thinking has been needed.

This presentation discusses the benefits of deploying an IDEC cooling solutions into a Data Center and what we believe the future looks like.


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