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A practical guide to outsourcing your service desk

Wed 23 Jan 2019

Outsourcing the service desk is an accessible first step for businesses considering outsourcing more of their services

It’s essential that employees have the support and tools to carry out their work efficiently, and it’s just as important for businesses to have a solution in place that can manage the demands placed on it by providing flexible and expert support.

Businesses can guarantee this support by outsourcing their service desk solution to a provider with specialist knowledge and extensive experience of business support. It can act as a risk-free way to access key skills and specialisms, work in partnership with expert advisors in business technology, and to tap into the knowledge of a global team with the language essential language skills.

By outsourcing the service desk, businesses also benefit from increased efficiencies and cost-savings, as costs are predictable and the businesses own IT teams are free to focus on other areas of the business.

Outsourcing any service can be an intimidating prospect. How should businesses approach outsourcing? What can they do to manage the service once it’s set up?

Comarch’s latest whitepaper takes you through the process with practical steps and advice. The paper:

• Explores the developing trends in outsourcing

• Answers why outsourcing your service desk operation is a good place to start

• Looks at the main reasons businesses decide to start outsourcing their services

• Identifies the essential elements of finding the ideal service desk partner

• Examines the five key factors in managing your partnership with your new service desk provider

• Defines Comarch’s commitments to superior service desk management

• Showcases Comarch’s work in helping its clients manage their service desk solutions

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