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A Guide to frictionless Zero Trust for modern enterprises

Tue 15 Jun 2021

A white paper study exploring the benefits of a frictionless Zero Trust approach for modern enterprises.

Enterprises understand that building a Zero Trust Architecture is a necessary strategy, but ask: “How do we start the journey and operationalize the framework?”

CrowdStrike, a global cybersecurity leader, consider the challenges that Traditional Zero Trust solutions might have and how they provide a frictionless Zero Trust approach for enterprises that reduces costs and operational complexity. Which is built around the following:

1. The ability to stop breaches in real-time for any endpoint, workload or identity and reduce the blast radius across on-premises and cloud data centres

2. High fidelity attack correlation and policy enforcement to realize frictionless Zero Trust journey for users, IT and security teams

3. A unified, cloud-native approach that removes the overhead of managing TBs of data threat feeds, hardware and software, and ongoing personnel costs

Download this white paper to find out more about how CrowdStrike’s frictionless Zero Trust solution aligns with the key principles to achieve maximum coverage across hybrid enterprises by protecting endpoints, identities,
and applications and workloads.

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