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WEBINAR: Global Threat Report Series

Webinar Time: 14-07-2020 3:00 PM BST

The cyber threat landscape has escalated. In the third edition of our Global Threat Report Series, we found that attack frequency has reached unprecedented levels; 94% of security professionals surveyed in EMEA said the volume of attacks they faced has increased. Attackers are employing a more diverse range of tactics and techniques than ever before as they bid to extort, disrupt and infiltrate organisations.

As a result, breaches are inevitable.  Our research found:

  • Comparisons and contrasts between the US and Canada
  • Tactics for reducing the amount of time that an adversary hunts in your network
  • How threats are changing and why attack sophistication is on the rise

Join Tom Kellermann, Head of Cyber Security VMware Carbon Black, and Rick McElroy, Cybersecurity Strategist at VMware Carbon Black, as well as Independent Security Analyst, Bob Tarzey and Presenter Ian Collins, who will discuss the latest research and reveal ways your organisation can keep attackers at bay, as well as:

  • Despite reporting a lower level of attack frequency, the sophistication faced by organisations in Germany is the highest
  • Security professionals are responding to the uptick in cyberthreats by boosting cyber defence spending
  • France, Spain and the UK have the highest percentage of companies planning to increase budget spend on cyber defence


Bob Tarzey | Independent Security Analyst

Rick McElroy | Cybersecurity Strategist @ VMware Carbon Black

Tom Kellermann | Head of Cybersecurity Strategy @ VMware Carbon Black

Webinar date and time: Tuesday, 14th July 2020 @ 3:00 PM BST

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