Knowledge Hub Webinar

Virtual Coffee | Digital Transformation in Media

Webinar Time: 14-05-2020 11:00-11:30 AM BST

Discover how we’re helping media companies stay ahead of the industry trends with the latest technological developments.

About this Event

Media is going through a time of huge transformation across all parts of the value chain, from the media owners to the agencies, and ultimately the marketers and advertisers. In this session, we will discuss how Plain Concepts is leveraging technology to help media companies address their challenges, and stay ahead of the industry trends.

Join us for 30 minutes, and learn more about:

  • Gathering insights from terabytes of advertisement data
  • Applying AI to super-segment target audiences
  • Forecasting revenue and packaging marketing campaign ROI
  • Engaging customers in new experiences with Mixed Reality


Monica Stefan | UK Growth Strategy Lead at Plain Concepts

Francisco Adrián Martinez Miranda | UK Team Lead at Plain Concepts


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