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Beyond the Hype. Putting MDR Service Providers to the Test. Evaluation Featuring Forrester.

Webinar Time: 18-06-2020 10:00 AM EST | 3 PM BST

Managed Detection and Response represents the fastest growing sector of cybersecurity, and as MDR services proliferate, competing marketing claims often outstrip actual vendor capabilities.

Although many MDR services on the market today lay claim to “cyber-threat hunting”, “response” or “threat intelligence” capabilities, what do these terms really mean?  When does “response” truly result in concrete steps being executed by the vendor that result in measurable, beneficial security outcomes for the customer? And critically, how do companies evaluate “cyber-threat hunting” programs when selecting a potential MDR service provider?

We’ll show you how to put these over-hyped claims to the test as MDR growth continues its advance, bringing capabilities once reserved for Fortune 500 companies affordably into the midmarket.

Bitdefender presents an interactive webinar with guest Forrester Research

  • Managed Detection and Response service evolution, trends, and best practices
  • Expanding the MDR view from just “managing alerts” to “improving security outcomes”
  • Clarifying key industry terms and mapping them to actual service capabilities

Webinar date: 18 June @ 3 PM BST

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