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TrueCue wants a piece of the cloud data warehousing market

Tue 10 Mar 2020 | James Don-Carolis

The technology firm behind OrgVue is giving its analytics, products and services division “a new identity”

Global technology firm Concentra has announced a newly-formed analytics product and services brand, TrueCue, to challenge the $40 billion dollar cloud data warehousing market.

TrueCue combines TrueCue Services, a 25 person-strong consultancy offering, and the TrueCue smart data warehouse automation platform itself, which was previously known as DataPlus.

Launched 12 years ago, Concentra offers a range of SaaS offerings, including OrgVue, a popular analytics platform which helps Finance and HR understand and optimise the workforce through organisational modelling.

With TrueCue, Concentra is hoping to tackle the broader cloud-based data warehousing market by offering something for all industries and business functions.

James Don-Carolis, Managing Director of TrueCue, told me that while TrueCue will operate self-sufficiently from the company’s other SaaS offerings, the platform’s time-based analysis capabilities “adds another dimension” to OrgVue’s point in time reporting.

“We see a lot of synergies between the two products,” he said. “One synergy that we’re already working on is enhancing the range of analysis we can do using OrgVue’s data schema. You’ve got a bunch of information about employees within the organisation. What you can do is pull that out, put it into TrueCue, run predictive algorithms, for example to calculate a flight risk score, and then push it back into OrgVue. You’ve got an enhanced analytical capability by putting the two products together.”

TrueCue is effectively a repackaging of the BI data warehousing and front-end analytics that Concentra has been offering for years. Don-Carolis told me that the launch of TrueCue will enable them to approach the market independently and focus on scaling the business.  “We’re really excited about the market potential of TrueCue. We believe our platform is going to be a game changer – full SaaS, with a no-code UI, powered by the latest AI and automation technologies.”

With TrueCue, organisations get a platform that deals with the back-end data management with overlay services for “high-impact” front-end analytics. Don-Carolis said the launch of TrueCue is not only a strategic move but one that reflects the genuine need for this sort of end-to-end offering.

“Throughout our history, we’re firm believers that in analytics, the back-end is as important as the front-end,” he said. “What we wanted to do was get a real focus on the business value and I think you do that by linking those two things together and offering a solution that takes the pain of managing the data and visualising it.”

With TrueCue’s no-code UI, staff don’t need to be coders to spin up and manage a cloud-based data warehouse in their line of business. Don-Carolis said this low-touch aspect “reduces the reliance on IT”, and gives business functions a more agile solution where automation can be more readily deployed.

For instance, a feature called “agile remodelling” enables analysts to add or modify data sources mid-project without going through IT departments. In its press release, TrueCue claimed it makes analytics eight times as fast at a tenth of the cost.

“You may have lots of people interacting with the platform but in terms of being technically trained to use it to create data warehouses, you don’t need that many people,” Don-Carolis explained, adding a “good analyst” could use the platform on their own.

“We’re really changing where that responsibility sits, but at the same time, acknowledging that the whole thing needs to be signed off and governed by IT. We’re offering the security, the reliability, that the Microsoft Azure Stack offers but with an interface that an analyst could manage, so it’s much easier to set up and operate.”

Don-Carolis said Concentra’s heritage of management consultancy means TrueCue can deliver better business performance, compared to analytics outfits that may focus more on providing a technical solution.

“We sit with them and we understand what their objectives are,” he said. “I think versus the competition, we’re offering a much greater focus on the business and the business benefit. Our aim is to make it a very quick, easy pathway to a robust analytics solution in the cloud. Most new IT investments are cloud-first. We’re really well-positioned to help companies on that journey. So, we’re very excited for the year ahead.”

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