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The Crossroads of Data and Transformation: Rosanne Werner’s Journey at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Mon 19 Feb 2024

Ahead of Big Data & AI World at ExCeL London on the 6th and 7th of March, we spoke with with Rosanne Werner, the Digital and Data Strategy and Transformation Lead at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners.

Werner shared pivotal moments that have significantly shaped her life and career trajectory.

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Relocating to London

The first transformative year Werner discussed is when she made the bold decision to move from Sydney to London.

“It was very enlightening,” Werner recalls, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities this move presented.

Leaving behind a comfortable lifestyle and a secure position in finance, she embarked on a journey that would push her out of her comfort zone and into a world of new experiences.

“Packing up and moving over to London in a new country really forces you to come out of your comfort zone and to adapt to new and unfamiliar surroundings,” she said.

This period of change taught Werner valuable lessons about living in the present and embracing the opportunities that come with new challenges.

Living in the present, and not being afraid to fail became her mantra, guiding her through the initial uncertainties and leading her to embrace each new experience with an open mind.

This mindset proved crucial as she navigated her career in the rapidly evolving digital and data space, where keeping abreast of technological advancements and their applications became a part of her daily routine.

Navigating a Sea of Information

Reflecting on how technology has transformed since her move, Werner notes the exponential growth in data collection and the importance of discerning which data to leverage.

“It is incredible how much data we are collecting,” she observed, highlighting the challenge of not being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.

Approaching this amount of information and focusing on the right data encouraged Rosanne to go back to basics, asking what questions she is trying to answer.

The Human Element in Data Strategy

One of Werner’s most significant achievements at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners was founding the Data In Action programme. This initiative addressed enhancing data literacy and harnessing the human element in data and analytics.

“It is the people side that we need them to use these tools and really get the insights out of the data that drives the action,” Werner explained.

This programme aimed to engage employees across different functions, encouraging them to make data-driven decisions that align with Coca-Cola’s strategic goals.

Werner’s multicultural background endowed her with a unique perspective on communication and collaboration. Born in Hong Kong, and growing up in Australia enriched her understanding of diverse work cultures.

“Everyone is very different, and the way they interpret things and approach things,” Werner noted, underscoring the importance of listening and connecting with people on multiple levels to foster effective collaboration.

Looking Ahead

A recent highlight in Werner’s career was the external recognition of the Data In Action Program through various awards, affirming its impact and success.

As she looks to the future, Werner is excited about scaling the program and learning from other organisations’ journeys in data and digital transformation.

“It’s the opportunities to continuously learn,” Werner said, reflecting on her decade-long tenure at Coca-Cola and her passion for driving transformation through a blend of empathy and analytical thinking.

As Rosanne Werner prepares to share her insights at Big Data & AI World, her journey from Sydney to becoming a key figure in Coca-Cola’s data strategy underscores the power of embracing change, continuous learning, and the crucial role of the human element in navigating the digital and data revolution.

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