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TFM 2019: Securing Digital Transformation Success

Wed 7 Aug 2019 | Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin, digital transformation thought leader and EVP of Innovation at Zenith, discusses his upcoming appearance at TFM 2019 in September

Zenith’s Tom Goodwin will be talking about a range of subjects at this year’s Technology for Marketing.

One of these will be what Goodwin calls “myth busting”: Scrutinising the technology opinions of today that are uncritically held as true, such as the view that everybody wants a “personalised” service.

“While a lot of people are saying that in 2019 technology moves at a faster pace, it’s not strictly true. While to some extent, technology like 4G has made changes to how we behave and get around, in fact, this kind of technology has been around for a while.”

Alongside other technology trends, Goodwin will discuss digital transformation; what it means for companies sector-wide, and what they can do to exploit transformation to drive business success.

Goodwin has worked in advertising all his working life and boasts a CV brimming with the names of high-profile creative agencies.

Although he has always had an interest in technology and gadgets, Goodwin says one of his most memorable professional experiences was for NOKIA between 2005 and 2008.

During this time, Goodwin helped develop the N Series of Nokia phones, widely regarded as a forebearer of the smartphones we use today. Goodwin was also involved in Nokia’s Team 2020, where he helped research the potential impact of these phones on segments such as games and music.

“I’m actually not so much fascinated with the technology itself, but more with the implications that technology can have on the world itself,” Goodwin says.

Goodwin says that one of the biggest is challenges facing businesses in the need to maintain relevance in a competitive, fast-moving environment, one that lends itself to young startups that find it easier than ever to get off the ground.

“The notion of having a legacy of a successful business needs to be maintained,” says Goodwin.

“You’ve built up success, but in order to maintain the status quo, you have to keep up with changes. These can be expensive to implement, and can also take a long time.”

“By contrast, new, young companies are using the best in technology and structures, and are finding it far easier to move with the changes today.”

In order to maintain relevance, Goodwin advises businesses to stay alert to the changing attitudes of young people.

“It’s important to understand how teenagers and young adults operate: In their fields of work and in their hobbies & interests around the world,” says Goodwin. “It’s about observing and empathising with people.”

“The ability to understand them and their behaviour means that a business can give better customer service and develop transformative business models.”

Don't Miss Tom Goodwin's Session at TFM 2019, London Olympia

15:40 – 16:25
25 September
Keynote Theatre

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