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Sustainability Spotlight: Susanna Kass’ Trailblazing Approach to Data Centre Operations

Tue 14 May 2024

In anticipation of Data Centre World on 22-23 May as part of Tech Show Frankfurt, we had the honour of speaking with Susanna Kass, an Energy Fellow at Stanford University, Data Centre Advisor for the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal programme, Operating Partner at Digital Gravity Infrastructure Partners, and Co-founder of InfraPrime.

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While Susanna will be addressing attendees at Data Centre World, today we delve into one groundbreaking invention that has made an impact on her life.

Pioneering Sustainability in Data Centres

Susanna’s journey as an entrepreneur and artificial intelligence (AI) scientist has been deeply intertwined with the data centre business for over three decades.

With a background in AI, particularly natural language processing, Kass has always been driven by the potential for technology to bridge linguistic and cultural divides. Her extensive experience includes leadership roles at major tech companies like eBay International, Hewlett Packard, and NextEra Energy, where she spearheaded clean energy projects and oversaw data centre operations on a global scale.

Modular Data Centres for Rapid Deployment

Recognising the need for faster deployment and greater sustainability in data centre construction, Kass collaborated with partners to develop a prefabricated, modular data centre housed within ISO containers.

This innovative approach reduces permitting and construction time, enabling data centres to be operational in as little as 45 days, significantly accelerating time-to-market and maximising efficiency.

Bringing Your Own Power: A Sustainable Solution

Kass’ invention goes beyond rapid deployment; it also addresses the pressing need for sustainable power solutions in data centres. The modular data centre design incorporates on-premise power generation capabilities, allowing data centres to operate independently of traditional utility grids.

By leveraging clean energy sources and energy storage technologies, Kass’ design can minimise environmental impact and contribute excess energy back to the grid, fostering a circular energy economy.

The Absolute Zero Design

At Data Centre World, Susanna will unveil her latest innovation: the Absolute Zero design for data centres. This ambitious concept aims to achieve zero emissions for every kilowatt-hour of energy consumed, setting a new standard for sustainability in the industry.

By addressing emissions at the source and ensuring accountability for energy usage, the Absolute Zero design represents a bold step towards a more sustainable future for data centres worldwide.

Susanna invites attendees to join her session at Data Centre World on 22 May, where she will explore the Absolute Zero design and its implications for the future of data centres. With her wealth of experience and commitment to sustainability, Susanna is poised to inspire and educate attendees on the importance of innovation and sustainability in the data centre industry.

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