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Sustainability and Stewardship: David Gyulnazaryan’s Journey in the Data Centre Industry

Wed 14 Feb 2024

In the wake of a global pandemic that reshaped the world, independent data centre consultant David Gyulnazaryan, found unprecedented opportunities to redefine his career and contribute to the data centre industry’s evolution.

Speaking ahead of his appearance at Data Centre World on 6-7 March at ExCeL London, David shared his transformative years that marked his journey from isolation to innovation, focusing on sustainability and environmental stewardship within the data centre sector.

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A Year of Virtual Connection and Learning

The onset of COVID-19 in 2020 forced many into isolation, but for David, it became a year of unexpected growth and networking.

“It was destroying the limits, destroying the borders,” David reflected on the shift towards virtual communication.

This period allowed him to connect with industry veterans and enthusiasts worldwide, fostering collaborations that would later shape his approach to data centre sustainability.

His interactions with mentors and figures from the Open Compute Project broadened his horizon, emphasising the industry’s potential for rapid development and innovation.

Embracing Sustainability in Data Centre Design

The following year, 2021, marked a significant shift in David’s focus towards the environmental impact of data centres.

The pandemic highlighted the crucial role of data centres in supporting remote work and digital connectivity, but it also underscored their environmental footprint.

David began advocating for decarbonisation strategies and efficient heat reuse, inspired by the clearer waters and returning wildlife observed during global lockdowns.

“There is no Planet B,” David stated, highlighting the urgent need for the data centre industry to adopt more sustainable practices.

Navigating the AI Surge and Cooling Challenges

The advent of AI and the subsequent demand for high-powered computing brought new challenges to the forefront in 2023 and 2024.

David noticed a significant shift towards servers with high Thermal Design Power (TDP), necessitating a transition from traditional cooling methods to more efficient liquid cooling solutions.

This technological evolution is not just about managing heat, but also about rethinking energy consumption and carbon emissions in data centre operations.

“Liquid cooling goes hand in hand with heat reuse,” David explained, highlighting the synergy between technological advancement and environmental responsibility.

Looking Ahead to Open Source Solutions and Sustainable Ecosystems

As David prepares to share his insights at Data Centre World, he is particularly passionate about promoting open source solutions that drive the industry towards sustainability.

He envisions a future where data centres are not just energy consumers but key players in a broader ecological system, transforming renewable energy into valuable resources.

David’s journey from navigating the challenges of remote work during a pandemic to advocating for a sustainable transformation in the data centre industry is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of professionals in the face of global crises.

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